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Say Hello to SAFE Teller Checks

...Like Money Orders only better!

On August 2, SAFE will transition to Teller Checks and away from old fashioned money orders. Get ready for big advantages at no extra cost!
►Faster Service.
We know your time is valuable and Teller Checks can be rendered almost twice as fast as money orders.
►Local Support.
Get help from people you know and trust. With Teller Checks, you can reach out directly to SAFE rather than a distant MoneyGram call center.
While money orders will be gone, you will see some welcome similarities. SAFE Teller Checks work and spend just like money orders. Plus, there’s more good news – no change to pricing. If you’re an Easy Street Club member, you’ll qualify for five free Teller Checks per month. And if you’re not an Easy Street member, they will be just $2.00 each.
Don’t forget, SAFE has easy, no-cost payment options for you, too. You can set up automatic drafts out of your checking account by using your debit card or through ACH. You also can use the bill pay feature that comes at no extra charge with our free online/mobile banking service. We will be glad to introduce you to any of those services and even help you set up your initial payments.
If you have questions, check out our list of FAQ's below, or by clicking here. And, if you need further assistance, give us a call at 1-800-763-8600, option 2. We're happy to help!

No matter your payment preference, SAFE has you covered like never before. So, get ready for the faster, more convenient alternative to money orders starting August 2.



Why are we making this change?
SAFE Teller Checks can be rendered much quicker than money orders and allow for local support should you need assistance.   That means less work and more time for you!
When will this change take place?
SAFE will transition to teller checks only starting on August 2.
What is a SAFE Teller Check?
It’s an official check issued by the credit union drafted directly from your account.
Will my account information be on the SAFE Teller Check?
Is there a dollar limit on a SAFE Teller check?
No!  Money orders couldn’t exceed $1,000 whereas SAFE Teller checks have no threshold.
How do I fill out a SAFE Teller check?  Is it the same way I would a money order?
We fill out the “pay to” line instead of you.  You will provide the teller with the payee information, dollar amount and anything else you want on the check and voila!  It’s printed in seconds. It’s that easy. 
I'm an Easy Street Club Member. Do I still qualify for 5 free money orders per month?
Not to worry! You will still qualify for FIVE SAFE Teller checks for free each month!
What if get a SAFE Teller Check but decide not to use it?
Bring it to any branch, let a teller know you didn’t use the check and the funds will be placed back into your account.
Is a SAFE Teller check really better than a money order?
Yes!  We can your SAFE Teller Check ready for you twice as fast as a money order. Plus, if you had an issue with your money order, you would have to call MoneyGram.  With a SAFE Teller Check, you can reach out to SAFE directly with any questions.  Additionally, there is more security with a SAFE Teller Check in the event it’s lost.  There are steps you can take to reclaim those funds.
How much does a teller check cost?
$2.00 each.
Does a teller check work the same way as money order do?
Yes!  They spend just like money orders.

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