An Economical Benefit Option

Credit union membership is one of the most economical benefit options employers can offer their employees.

There is no cost to apply for corporate partnerships with SAFE Federal Credit Union. To request a partnership with SAFE, your company simply needs to follow these steps to make your employees eligible to join the SAFE field of membership.

>> Send a letter to our CEO requesting that the employees of your company be eligible for membership. Download a sample letter: More than 3,000 Employees or Less than 3,000 Employees.

>> Complete an application. Application can be completed online or downloaded. By submitting this form you authorize SAFE Federal Credit Union to release information from this application and letters of reference as they may deem appropriate under guidelines of the Freedom of Information Act. It is acknowledged that the information provided in this application is accurate. Upon clicking on the online submit button, you will give SAFE Federal Credit Union your electronic signature, which is binding in a court of law.

>> If you opt to download the forms please return both the letter of request and the application to: SAFE via fax, 803-905-7528, by mail to: SAFE FCU, PO Box 2008, Sumter, SC 29151 Attn: Business Development and Sales, or by email to

>> Once approved for membership by the SAFE board of directors and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), we will be able to begin serving your employees.

Employer Benefits:
  • No cost to employer
  • Improved morale
  • Meet employees' financial needs
Employee Benefits:
  • Higher dividends
  • Lower loan rates
  • Fewer fees    

Several Midlands organizations are already offering this benefit to their employeesIf you’d like to learn more about a corporate partnership with SAFE, stop in any of our convenient locations or contact us directly!