May is Military Appreciation Month

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Photo saluting the rising sun

Memorial Day is a holiday that had its humble beginnings right here in the South. It began in Georgia in the late 19th century to remember those service veterans we had lost to war. Though the holiday has evolved, we remember its true roots in thanking those who have so valiantly served our nation. That’s why May is also Military Appreciation Month and we pay tribute to our military men and women, active duty or retired, and thank you for your service.

SAFE has a special connection to the military which began in 1955 at Shaw Air Force Base. What’s in a name? At SAFE, our name tells our story, having started as the credit union to serve Shaw Air Force Employees.

Since then, SAFE has grown to more than 120,000 members and just over $1 billion in assets. SAFE is the largest Midlands based credit union with 17 branches in seven counties in South Carolina. The growth begins with you and is rooted in our military history. We thank you for your service, this month, and always.