Money Issues? Talk to SAFE's Free Financial Counselor

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Donna Holmes

When it comes to financial counseling, the one-size-fits-all approach is not Donna Holmes's style. "Every SAFE member is an individual with different needs and goals," she says.

A money management veteran with over thirty years of experience working for SAFE, Donna believes in meeting people where they are, rather than requiring them to come to you.

She takes this quite literally: as SAFE's free in-house financial counselor, Donna travels to all SAFE branches around the Midlands, hosting one-hour sessions with her advisees and developing custom-made financial plans so they can meet their long-term objectives in the way that works best for them.

Interested in meeting Donna and utilizing SAFE's in-house financial counseling services? Explore your options below to see which counseling plan suits your needs.

Counseling Service Options

  • Preventive Counseling: Perfect for newlyweds, students, and other young SAFE members who have just started their savings journeys
  • Productive Counseling: Homes, cars, college expenses, and more: productive counseling helps you establish long-term savings goals, as well as spending plans that will help you meet those goals
  • Remedial Counseling: If you've fallen on hard economic times, and need a helping hand to get you back on your feet, consider remedial counseling

You'll discuss a range of topics in these sessions, including budgeting, financial analysis, crisis management, credit score improvement, loan application strategies, and more.

Additional Money Management Support Options

  • Educational Seminars: Financial literacy presentations for community members, as well as middle and high school students, that focus on budgeting, credit scores, check writing, savings, investments, and more
  • Lunch & Learns: As we've mentioned in a previous post, happy employees make happy bosses—Lunch & Learns with our financial counselors are an easy, low-maintenance way to set workers on the right financial track, so they're adhering to responsible spending and saving habits, and so that you've got happy, focused employees on site
  • Referral Services: Need support that falls outside the scope of our service agreement? Don't fret: we've got the contacts you need in order to get back on track 

If you need a steadfast advisor to help shepherd you through what is often a lengthy and difficult process, get in touch with Donna.

"I love people," she says, "and the light is always on with me." Meaning, when you've got a burning question—or an issue you need guidance on—she's always available to connect you with the answers or the solutions you need.

Want to set yourself on a path toward long-term finacial stability? Apply for our financial counseling service today!