Why Cale Yates Loves Working for SAFE

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cale wearing a blue and white polo and glasses, smiling

What keeps Cale Yates, a thirteen-year veteran of the SAFE Federal Credit Union team, so energized about the work that she does? Let's find out.

Working with Friends to Serve Others

"We care about every member," she says, "and our team works together to meet our account holders' needs every single day. When you work with your friends to serve others, it's a blessing."

As a Membership Development Officer, it's Cale's responsibility to meet folks where they are—to bring the branch to the people. So far, she's worked with over 500 select employee groups (also known as SEGs) from a range of different businesses and organizations in the Palmetto State, connecting them with the financial resources they need to get ahead and stay ahead.

But this job is more than just outreach. For Cale, it's a form of public education. A way to support local communities so that SAFE's members are more financially literate, and, as a result, more financially resilient.

"We've got a passion for giving back here," she says, "and one of the ways we do this is through financial education."

SAFE's Commitment to the Community

In 2017 alone, SAFE made a staggering $112,000 in donations to local organizations and charities.

Whether they're sponsoring a Toys for Tots drive, or supporting iconic events, like the annual Iris Festival in Sumter County, SAFE makes its commitment to local communities felt in a tangible way.

That's another thing Cale loves about SAFE.

"I've seen a lot of employees get the help that they need. That makes me proud to say I'm a SAFE employee—because we take care of each other here."

The Unparalleled Benefits Package

The benefits available for employees are virtually unparalled, which is another reason that Cale keeps investing her time and talents at SAFE. Since joining the team, Cale has completed her bachelor's degree, and looks forward to pursuing a master's in the future.

A sampling of the benefits that our workers have access to includes:

  • Comprehensive health insurance plans, covering medical, prescription, dental, and prescription needs
  • A 401(k) retirement plan with up to 5% match (and additional 5% profit-sharing)
  • Paid time off and access to federal holidays
  • Optional tuition reimbursement for students
  • And more!

Ready to work with a close-knit team? To enjoy these and other benefits, and to be a part of an organization that's transforming South Carolinians' lives for the better?

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