Your family, friends and hobbies fill your life with special moments. Now you can carry these memories in your wallet and show them off each time you make a purchase. A personalized SAFE VISA® debit card will allow you to feature a favorite photo or image right on your card. For the small fee of $10 (per card issuance), you can select your own image or choose from our gallery of photos to create your unique card.*

So, gather your memorable event image from a graduation, wedding, vacation, etc. and visit any of our SAFE branches. You will need to provide us your image electronically, through an email, usb drive, disc, or media card.* 

It's easy to customize your card. Visit a branch today to create yours.

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What is a Personalized Debit Card?
A personalized Debit card allows you to customize your SAFE Debit card by uploading a personal custom image or choosing one from our catalog of distinct images for display on the front of your personal debit card.

How much does it cost to personalize your Debit Card image?
The fee is $10 per issuance, and it will be charged to your SAFE Federal Credit Union checking account once the image is approved for production. If funds are not available at the time of production, your card will not be produced.

Who may request a personalized Debit Card?
Any SAFE member who has a SAFE debit card may submit a request.

Can I have a different card image than my joint or authorized user?
Yes, a joint member has the ability to customize their cards.

How do I personalize my Debit Card?
Upload a personal image of your own to a media card and bring it to your local SAFE branch or visit a branch to select one from our library of images. Finally, review and submit your order via a SAFE Member Service Representative (MSR).

What image format is required to personalize my Debit Card?
A Personalized Debit Card requires all photos to be in GIF, JPG, TIFF or BMP formats. A minimum pixel size of 2100 x 1344 pixels should be provided. 4 MB is the maximum size accepted. Keep in mind; a larger and higher resolution image will result in better quality printing on the card. We suggest 300 dpi for your image resolution.

Will my new Debit Card need to be activated?
Yes, you will need to activate your new Personalized Debit Card when you receive it.

If I receive my card and don’t like the image, may I get a different image?
Yes, for a $10 fee. At the time you submit your photo with the MSR, you will be shown a preview of your personalized card, excluding the card number. Your submission of the card proof with the MSR is your acceptance of the finalized personalized card.

If I create a custom Debit Card will other cardholders on the account receive the same card?
No. When you personalize your Debit Card, you are customizing your card only.

How often can I update my image using Design Your Own Card?
You may update your card’s image every thirty days if you desire for a $10 fee with each update.

My Primary Cardholder submitted a custom image. May I, as the joint member submit a personalized request, or must I wait?
Yes. Each request is billed to the cardholder’s account at $10.

When I order my personalized Debit Card, will my PIN number change?
No, your PIN number will remain the same.

What if I do not have an existing Debit Card with SAFE, but want to apply for one and receive a Personalized Debit Card?
Upon approval of your SAFE Checking Account, you can request for a personalized Debit Card.

Personalized Debit Card Guidelines

*Personalized SAFE VISA® debit cards are not available via instant issue and will mail within 5-10 business days. SAFE Federal Credit Union reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether a submitted image will be accepted. All images submitted must have the consent of the owner including those images downloaded from the internet. See complete image guidelines and personalized debit card terms and conditions online at