Options to Meet Your Auto Financial Needs

Two new auto loan programs were introduced in 2003 in an attempt to meet the needs of members who do not currently meet our usual loan approval standards but have some other redeeming qualities that lead us to believe that they will be successful if given an opportunity.


  • No unpaid charge-offs less than 12 months old. (Zero balance with higher ratings is not a problem.)
  • No unpaid collections (other than Medical) in the last 12 months.
  • No outstanding unpaid balances on repossessions.
  • No current I-3 (I-2 on Mortgages) or higher credit ratings on active loans.
  • Six months on current job.
  • Maximum new debt ratio 35%.
  • First payment to be made within 35 days.
  • Maximum advance of lesser of 95% of NADA trade-in value or 95% of purchase price.

Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice. Subject to member credit approval. Rate may vary based on individual creditworthiness. APR = Annual Percentage Rate



Term (in months) Condition APR
60 0-1 year old 3.49%
72 0-1 year old 3.74%
60 2-4 years old 3.99%
72 2-4 years old 4.24%
48 5-7 years old 4.24%
42 8-10 years old 4.24%
42 11+ years old 9.50%