For Members Under 13

If you are not in the habit of saving for your child's future, now is a great time to start. With SAFE's Money Circus Account, you will be taking the first step to saving for your child, plus there are extra benefits for your child.


  • All Children age 0-12 are eligible.  Membership is automatic for any member within the age group.
  • All new members in this group get a gift upon opening their account.
  • It has all features of Main Share Account Suffix-0. At age 13 it becomes a Y- account.
  • 12-Month Money Circus Certificate available with $100 minimum.


  • Provides fun way to learn the value of saving.
  • Free gift encourages excitement about saving.
  • Convenience.
  • Lower minimum to encourage starting long-term savings habits.
  • Connects saving money with fun and enjoyment.
  • Provides opportunity for parents to teach financial information in a fun, non-instructional way.