For Members 13 to 17

At SAFE, our objective is to help young members build a sound financial future. We believe the most effective means of learning how to manage money is to gain first-hand experience. Youth account holders are encouraged to actively monitor and manage their accounts through branch transactions, ATM use, and free online banking. Youth accounts offer unique benefits that increase with the student member's age, so that they can safely learn about credit and money management.


  • Y-Account designation is automatic for any young member age 13 – 17. 
  • Same features as a regular share or checking account.
  • First box of checks free upon opening checking account (parent or guardian must be joint).
  • VISA Debit Card available (15 and older – with parent or guardian signature).
  • Y Certificate with low $500 minimum deposit for a 12-month term.
  • Youth Week celebrations each April.


  • Gives young people first-hand experience in managing money and finances.
  • Saves money.
  • Convenient to use instead of writing a check.
  • Lower minimum encourages long-term savings.
  • Celebration acknowledging the younger members.
  • Provides excitement about belonging to a credit union.
  • Provides access to educational tools.