You must be signed up for SAFENET before you can use mobile banking. The best way to get started is to log into SAFENET, go to Access Accounts and then the Mobile Banking tab. You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions. You will be able to select which accounts you want to be able to access via Mobile Banking and add Mobile Banking nicknames for them.

There will be four services available:
  • Downloadable Mobile Apps: A downloadable app is available for both iPhone and Android.
  • Mobile Browser: If your phone can support a browser, but not an app you can get a URL to use with the browser that will format a mobile site to fit your phone.
  • Text Messaging: You can send text messages to get back balances and history.
  • Alerts: You will be able to get text messages for elerts that you select. These will be selected under the Access Accounts and Email Notification tab after the Alert service has been selected under the Mobile Banking tab.

The downloadable mobile app and the mobile browser provide the same information so you should only need one of those options (the downloadable app is probably the easiest if your phone supports it).

When you have selected the services you want, you will enter your phone number. You will receive a text message on your phone with an activation code that you will need to enter on the screen. Then you will receive additional text messages for the services you selected. Follow the links in the text messages to implement the services.

After the services have been implemented, you can go at any time to the My Accounts tab under the Mobile Banking menu in SAFENET to make any changes to the accounts you want mobile access to and their mobile nicknames.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is credit card history available through mobile banking?
    Not at this time.
  2. Will the Find ATM/Branch option locate surcharge free ATMs?
    No, it will only locate SAFE branches and SAFE ATMs. For the iphone, Members can install a separate Co-Op Network ATM Locator that will find surcharge free ATMs.
  3. Can nicknames be used to text for a specific balance?
    No, texting for balance will give balances on all activated accounts. You cannot use nicknames to get a specific balance.
  4. What is the correct format to send a text for history?
    Texting for history requires the use of a nickname. Text the word hist followed by a space and then the nickname.
  5. Is the text nickname the same as the account nickname?
    No, the text nickname is set up under the Mobile Banking My Accounts tab. The account nickname is set up under the Your Preferences tab.
  6. Can Members select which accounts they want to see on their mobile device?
    Yes, in SAFENET under the Mobile Banking My Accounts tab Members can select which accounts they want active for mobile.
  7. Can a phone number be tied to more than one SAFENET account?
    No. However, if multiple accounts are enabled in the Your Preferences section of SAFENET, a Member can access the additional accounts.
  8. Can multiple phones access a single SAFENET account?
    Yes. Use the Add New Phone option in Mobile Banking to add additional phones to an account.
  9. What happens if a Member loads the Mobile App directly from the iphone or Android app stores instead of getting started through SAFENET?
    They will be able to use mobile banking. However, if they wish to add additional services such as texting or alerts, they will need to use the Add New Phone option in Mobile Banking. The phone number added can be the same one on which the download was installed