SAFE recently converted to an all-new core banking system that now manages most of its banking operations. The new core delivers advanced technology that will allow us to bring you more service improvements and exciting product innovations in the weeks and months ahead.  

We sincerely thank you for your patience during the recent downtime that was necessary for us to exit our outdated system and bring this important upgrade to life. We are happy to report all of our banking services are fully accessible. That includes our branch drive-through lanes, online and mobile banking, Personal Teller Machines, and more.

Now that the conversion is complete, we understand you may still have questions about your account. Below are the most frequently asked questions about the recent core conversion. Click on a topic to jump straight to that section.

Core Conversion FAQs

What is a core banking system?
Our core system is the software that manages our major banking functions like:
  • Opening and maintaining accounts
  • Processing loans
  • Conducting cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Managing account holder information
  • Processing transactions
  • And more
Why did SAFE convert its core banking system?
We updated our core system to offer you better and more streamlined service to enhance your overall experience with us. It also allows us to increase efficiency and accommodate growth. 
How can I access my account now that the conversion is complete?
You can access your account just as you did prior to the conversion. Our branch drive-throughs, online and mobile banking services, Personal Teller Machines, ATMs and telephone banking services are all accessible. With very few exceptions, account numbers remain the same, online/mobile banking logins and passwords are just as they were, and the PIN for your debit card is unchanged.
Is my account different after the core conversion?
You likely will not see any changes to your accounts here at SAFE. For most members, account numbers, online/mobile usernames and passwords, ATM PINs, and other key features remain just as they were before the conversion took place. Your records, transaction history, and e-statements have transferred to the new system, however if you had recurring external transfers, or Popmoney, you will need to re-enroll for those services.
Did my account numbers change?
No. Account numbers remain the same for most members.
Did account suffixes change?
Suffixes have not change but are appended with leading 0’s to make 4 digits (Certificate Numbers did not change, but they now have a Share ID)
Will I have to be issued a new debit card or new checks?
Did my ATM PIN change?
Has online and mobile banking changed?
No. SAFE's online/mobile banking services are now accessible just as they were prior to conversion. For most members, online and mobile banking usernames and passwords remain just as they were.
Do I have to re-register for online/mobile banking now that the conversion is complete?
Most members have not been affected and can access online/mobile banking immediately after conversion. If you encounter a problem logging into your online/mobile banking now that the conversion is complete, please contact our Member Service Center at 800-763-8600, ext. 2375.
Do I continue to have shared access with my accounts?
If you had shared access within online banking before the conversion, you will need to add your sub-users again when you log into Online Banking now that the conversion is complete. 
Have my Popmoney or External Funds Transfers been affected?
If you used Popmoney or had pre-authorized funds transfers established for another recipient before the conversion, you will have to re-enroll. You will need to re-add your respective contacts for Popmoney and accounts for External Funds Transfer.
Did my username or password for online/mobile banking change?
Was my recurring transfers or Bill-Pay information lost?
No. All information associated with Bill Pay and your Recurring Transfers were transferred to the new platform. 
I'm having trouble viewing my online banking account. What should I do?

If you’ve logged into online banking and do not see your accounts, or if your internet browser window displays an error message, you may need to clear your internet browsing history. For simple instructions on how to complete this, click on the following links.  If you are still experiencing issues accessing your online banking account, contact our member service center at 800-763-8600, ext. 2375.

Do I have to re-register for Telephone Banking?
Yes. For Telephone Banking, your PIN has been re-set to the last four digits of your Social Security Number. The first time you log in with the last four digits of your SSN, you'll be prompted to enter your new, permanent PIN, which can be the same as your old PIN.
Will my statements look different or change after the conversion?
On June 1, members will receive two account statements, one with account activity prior to conversion and the other with account activity that took place after the conversion.  Statements will be easier to read and the overall appearance will be improved. Plus, the new statements will include new information with more details. After June 1, members will receive one account statement each month going forward.