Avoid delays with your 2017 Tax Refund by providing the correct Direct Deposit account information with your state or federal returns.  Here are some helpful guidelines to make sure you are submitting the correct information:

Ensuring Correct Account Information for Direct Deposit
  Savings Trans. Checking Trans.
Routing Number 253279691 253279691
Account Number 123456 002021234567
Account Type Savings Checking
  • SAFE only has one routing number 253279691
  • When posting to a savings account, you will need your member number/savings account number.  Only primary savings accounts can receive ACH transactions. (The Automated Clearing House, an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. These transactions include, but aren’t limited to: direct deposits, payrolls, vendor payments, tax refunds, etc.)
  • When posting to a checking account, you will need the full twelve (12) digit book number

Getting your Refund

In order to get your tax refund deposited directly to your account, all account information must be correct.  We are not liable for deposits to wrong accounts if the account number and account coding match. If we are notified of a direct deposit tax refund where the beneficiary is not listed on the account it was deposited to, we will return it if the funds are available.  If the funds are unavailable, then you will have to consult your tax preparer or possibly the IRS.  If the deposit is destined for a closed account, you must reopen the account prior to the refund being presented for posting. Tax refund cannot be used to reopen accounts.

Avoiding Fraud

The IRS does not call account holders, they mail letters. If you receive a phone call from the IRS, it’s a scam.  If a member’s tax refund is rejected due to duplication, someone else has already filed their taxes.  Accounts are limited to 3 tax refund ACH deposits to deter fraud.  If you find yourself a victim of fraud, you must file the IRS Form 14039 and take steps to secure your information.