Help your kid become a millionaire! If your child wants to be wealthy when they grow up, let the MOTsters teach them how today. Who knew saving money could be such fun?

Meet the MOTsters!

The newest—and perhaps the cutest members of the SAFE family—are gearing up to teach you how to become a millionaire one day! We call them the MOTsters (Millionaires Of Tomorrow) and we promise they won't bite!

Formally known as Money Circus, SAFE's new MOTster Youth Savings Account features nine loveable creatures—all with different money personalities—who make it fun to learn about savings and banking.

So, go on! Don't be scared! Say hello to the MOTsters!


Meet Rich!

Our main character, Rich is a great leader! He's a smart, money-savy, and super friendly monster that really has his stuff together when it comes to finances. 

Say hey to Squander!

Squander is quite the spender! He tries to buy whatever he sees, which is EVERYTHING. His biggest struggle is keeping his hands (and his money) to himself.



Say hi to Magpie!

She's just as good at saving as she is sweet! Magpie collects money. If she gets some, you can bet she's keeping it. And, if she has to spend it, she'll find a way to use as little as possible.

Give a wave to Harvey!

A little wishy-washy when it comes to money, Harvey can't decide. He tends to alternate between being really smart with his money and spending it all.



Here's a hello from Lackadaisy!

Carefree and fun, Lackadaisy is never concerned about money. She has more interesting things to think about.

Give a nod to Baron!

He's the monster with the plan! Baron has an entrepreneurial spirit and is always launching new plans to make more money.



Show some love for Vex!

Vex is a worrier. He's always nervous and waiting for disaster to strike. It doesn't matter how much money he has—he's constantly worried that he'll lose it. 

Fist-bump for Fritter!

Small, but brave! Fritter is a risk-taker with money and he's never able to hold onto it for long. Plus, he's never sure where it went. 



Watch out for Rob!

He's a sneaky little villain! Rob never works for anything, but is always looking for everything. He expects it all to be given to him, and if it isn't, he takes it. 

You're sure to see more of your new MOTster friends in the coming months. You may even see them at your school and community events, so keep your eye out! In the meantime, ask your parents about opening a MOTster Youth Savings account today! You may find that your future millionaire-self will thank you!

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