Have questions? Call for fast answers 24/7. SAFE's Member Service Center is now supported by SKYE, our AI-powered personal assistant. If you're on a mobile phone, click the button below to give Skye a try!

Like long waits? Neither do we.

Do you ever have times when you just want to ask your financial questions out loud? No keyboards. No Screens. No mouse clicks. Just  a phone and a knowledgeable voice on the other end.

SAFE Members can! In addition to the live Member Service Specialists you're accustomed to, SAFE has a special member of our team: SKYE, our AI-powered personal assistant.


If you have simple questions about your account—like, "What's my balance?"—SKYE can answer them.

And if, by some chance, SKYE doesn't know the answer, she'll quickly connect you to a skilled Member Service Center specialist, who will be happy to assist!

What can I say to SKYE?

- What is my balance?-I need my transaction history.
-What is SAFE's routing number? -What is the status of my deposit? 
-What are the branch hours?-I need to make a loan payment.
-What are your rates?-I want to transfer money.
-Where can I find my statements? -I need to reset my online banking. 
-How can I register for online banking?-When is my loan due?

Let's talk!

Toll-Free Phone


Local Phone


With SKYE, our call centers are open 24/7/365 to offer immediate answers to many of your most pressing questions.

Should you have something more involved, live service reps are available Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 7:00PM and Saturdays from 9:00AM to 1:00PM, except on designated holidays.

Need a good reason to try SKYE? Try five.

green circle with stop watch in it
Less Hold Time
You have better things to do.
Faster Routing
Get where you need to be.
Light Blue crystal ball
SKYE Knows All
Ask her anything. Almost.
heart with an arrow through it
Speak to a Local Rep Faster
For personalized service.
calendar in grey circle
Talk to SKYE 24/7/365
Even on holidays.