Mobile & Online Banking

SAFE’s Online and Mobile Banking suite offers the best in credit union digital banking.

Get the Best in Credit Union Digital Banking 

With SAFE’s state-of-the art online and mobile banking services, you can enjoy the latest banking technology right at your fingertips with streamlined security, bill pay, and innovative features that make accessing your accounts easy.

Easy 24/7 access, security features & convenient money management

Mobile Banking Benefits: 

  • Remote Deposit Capture—deposit checks from your smartphone
  • Bill Pay—set it and forget it for all your bills and payment obligations.
  • Biometrics—secure fingerprint and facial recognition log-in options
  • Card management—freeze misplaced cards or set travel notifications
  • Funds transfers—pay loans, send money to friends or family, etc.
  • Account alert text messages—customize special account alerts for balances and transactions

How to Enroll in Online or Mobile Banking 

It only takes a few minutes to self-enroll from your computer or mobile device. You’ll begin the set-up in SAFE’s secure online banking registration portal where you’ll be asked to provide information that allows us to identify you like your SSN, Address, Member Number, and Contact information – ensuring that these are correct will streamline the process and get you on your way to enjoying banking convenience like never before! 

Go Paperless 

Save trees and save yourself time by moving from paper statements to our improved eStatements. Benefits include: 

  • No risk of postal delays
  • Get your statement days earlier
  • Automatically saved for easy access later

Just log in to your SAFE online banking account and retrieve your statement where (and when) you decide. 

We Make it Easy to Move Money

Our Payment Services offer a simpler and smarter payment experience. You can pay a bill, transfer money to external accounts and pay a person through one location inside SAFE's Online and Mobile Banking.

Bill Pay allows you to: 

  • Pay bills like your mortgage, utilities, and consumer lines of credit 
  • Schedule routine payments in advance 
  • Customize payees with nicknames to make it easy for you to recognize them 

Account to Account Transfer allows you to: 

  • Send funds to and from your external accounts outside of SAFE (you must be the primary account holder) 

Pay-a-Person allows you to: 

  • Easily pay a person that you owe money to for whatever reason 
  • Send funds to and request funds from a list of contacts that you establish 
  • Add any number of contacts – all you need is their name and contact information (phone number and/or email) or banking information (routing and account numbers) 

Have more questions? Visit our Payment Services webpage for more information!

Online Banking FAQs

All your SAFE accounts can be accessed securely within your Online Banking account.

You'll need to provide your name, date of birth, social security number, member number, and contact information Including your email address.

Yes. SAFE takes several precautions to make sure our member's online Information Is protected. While we continually work to maintain a secure online environment, all users are responsible for safeguarding their Information by following protocols like:

  • Don't share your username or password with anyone
  • Use a complex variety of numbers, letters, and special characters to create a strong password
  • Never leave your computer or device unlocked or unattended
  • Log out of your online banking session when you're finished

How do I change my username and/or password? Log Into online banking and click on "My Settings." Then, scroll down to Login & Security where you can edit your username and password.

How do I change or add another email address, phone number, or mailing address? Log Into online banking and click on "My Settings." From the Personal Information section, you can edit your address and contact information.

From the Additional Services tab, you'll select "Card Management." Click on "Set a Travel Notice" and select the cards you'll be using on your trip. Provide your travel details Including dates and destinations. 

From the Additional Services tab, you'll select "Card Management." Select the lost or stolen card from the "wallet" on the left of your screen. Select "Card Is lost or stolen."

How to use Remote Deposit Capture

Skip the teller line and deposit your check using the Remote Deposit Capture feature in SAFE's Mobile App. By following a few easy steps, and snapping a quick photo, your check goes straight to your account. It's that easy! Here's a quick tutorial to get you started. 

Keep Track of Your Credit Score

View your FICO® Credit Score at no cost to you. 

An updated FICO Score will be posted for you each quarter, providing an easy way for you to stay on top of your financial health and to be aware of potential fraud. If you're already active on SAFE's digital banking platform, it's easy to get started.  

Waiting on a deposit? See it now! 

Now, you can see most pending account deposits and withdrawals 24/7 right from your desktop or mobile device. 

In addition to showing your pending deposits and withdrawals, SAFE's digital banking service lets you see images of your checks, pay bills, and much more. 

Online Banking & Security Resources