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Apply for a Mortgage

Pay as little as 0% down on a mortgage for your next home, with loan repayment terms ranging from 10 to 30 years.

Build Your New Home

Finance up to 95% of the cost to build your new home with SAFE’s construction-permanent mortgage.

Find the Right Mortgage Options

What monthly payments can you afford? Should you get an adjustable or fixed-rate mortgage? Weigh mortgage decisions with our selection of mortgage calculators.
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Get a Car Loan

Need help financing a car? Check out our low rates and flexible terms. You could even wait up to 90 days to make your first payment!

Buy Your Car Online

Skip the car buying hassles. Find your vehicle, lock in savings, and complete your paperwork at home through our online TrueCar buying program.

Budget For Your Car

Run the numbers and understand all the variables before you commit to a new or used car contract.

Save On Your Purchase

Buying a car is an important financial decision. Do your homework before you get started.
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Open an IRA

Discover retirement savings options with possible tax advantages now or later. SAFE offers two popular Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options—traditional and Roth. Learn more about IRA contribution requirements and restrictions.

Get an Investment Certificate

With some of the best rates around, SAFE’s money market options and share certificates provide no-worry earnings and the assurance that comes with NCUA deposit insurance up to $250,000.

Meet with a Financial Advisor

SAFE’s MEMBERS Financial Services Program offered through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. gives you free access to our team of financial professionals to help you plan and protect what matters most to you.

Figure Out How Much You Need

Planning is key to a worry-free retirement, but there are so many elements to consider. We’ll walk you through the most important step in retirement planning.
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Consolidate Your Debt

Did you know there’s a way to pay down your credit debt faster and with way less interest? Learn how to combine several payments into one, and possibly lower your interest along the way.

Get a Personal Loan

Simplify your life. Consolidate your smaller, higher interest rate loans into a single low-rate personal loan from SAFE with one low monthly payment. You could pay less and even save on interest.

Pay Off Your Credit Card

Trying to develop a payment plan to get credit card debt off your mind? Use SAFE’s helpful calculator to see how long it might take for you to be debt free.

Talk to a Financial Counselor

Our experienced, in-house financial counselor provides free services to SAFE members and can help provide guidance on how to move through a difficult financial situation.
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Checking and Savings

Simple checking. Zero hassle.

Whatever your financial needs may be, SAFE Federal Credit Union has a checking or savings account solution tailored to meet your long-term goals. 
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Plan today for the tomorrow you want.

Retirement planning is easy when you turn to SAFE. Our investment options can help you build the future you want for you and your family.
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Auto Loans

Get moving today with a new car!

Financing your vehicle with SAFE is easier than ever. Take advantage of our low APR on your next purchase.
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Mortgage Loans

Ready for your dream home?

SAFE makes homeownership affordable for almost every budget. Pay as little as 0% down on a mortgage, with loan repayment terms ranging from 10 to 30 years.

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