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SAFE Cents: Leasing vs. Buying a Car

Do you like driving a new car every two years? Or are you the kind of person who drives their car until the tires fall off? Regardless of which you prefer, you’ll get there smarter after this episode on leasing versus buying a car. 

Leasing Vs. Buying a car
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SAFE Cents: Can Dance Moves Affect Your Credit Score?

The history of the credit score is as wild and crazy as other American milestones. Yet few have had an effect on how much mortgage interest you pay. Join SAFE Cents host Mark, as he settles the issue on whether your dance skill impacts how well you can borrow money.

Can your dance moves affect your credit score?
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SAFE Cents: Credit Card Secrets

Did you know that a credit card is one of the most powerful financial tools you can wield? Join SAFE Cents host Mark, as he demonstrates how a credit card can help you build things (like your credit), secure things (like your personal data), and explore things (like Tahiti).

File folder of credit card secrets being slipped into an overcoat.
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SAFE Cents: Retirement Planning

Most people don’t have real grasp on how much money they'll need to retire. Join SAFE Cents host Mark, as he shows you a new yet incredibly logical approach to establishing that total retirement goal amount you’ll need.

Man with a white beard wearing sunglasses throwing money. How much do you need to retire?
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