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  • house sitting on top of a pile of money.
    Leg warmers. CD players. Super 8 cameras. If you follow cultural trends, you already know these iconic consumer products are on the verge of a comeback. While buying a retro item might improve your...
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  • woman on a laptop checking her FICO Score
    Don’t wait until it’s time to finance a new home or car to check your credit score. Checking in regularly will help ensure you’re ready for whatever life brings. If you’re a SAFE member with Online...
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  • senior couple looking out over their young family.
    Each year brings you closer to the day you can retire and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. While retirement has its perks, uncertainties about healthcare costs, income stability, and your...
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  • social security card
    Filing a federal tax return should be an easy way for taxpayers to fulfill their legal obligation, not an easy way for crooks to advance one of their nasty schemes. But wherever there’s opportunity...
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  • social security card
    On March 7, SAFE observed National "Slam the Scam" Day. This initiative, established by the U.S. Social Security’s Office of the Inspector General, aims to raise awareness about government imposter...
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  • robocall
    Robocalls have invaded our daily lives with unwanted interruptions, hawking everything from lower credit card rates to extended car warranties. Worse yet, scammers have added them to their arsenal to...
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  • pink piggy bank floating in a red and white innertube in water.
    There's a good reason personal finance experts recommend that every household build an emergency savings fund. If you're hit with an unexpected home or car repair, lose your job, or are surprised by...
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