Investment Certificates

Investment certificates function a lot like savings accounts but offer their account holders higher levels of interest than you would likely find elsewhere. There are two money market options available through SAFE, each with their own set of benefits and requirements.

This investment option makes money quickly and efficiently through daily compounding on your account balance, which is then paid out on a monthly basis. Flexibility of withdrawals means convenient access to your funds whenever you need them most.

Here are some more important facts about money market accounts with SAFE:

  • Minimum Opening Deposit – $1,000
  • Federally insured for up to $250,000 by the NCUA
  • Account holders may withdraw credited dividends at any time without penalty
  • Account holders may withdraw funds ten days after their maturity date without penalty

Money Market Certificates

Money market certificates are a relatively low-cost alternative to traditional money market accounts that offer many of the same benefits.

With these certificates, SAFE members can select an investment term that best suits their financial needs, while also enjoying a greater degree of lenience when it comes to making withdrawals.

Interested in acquiring a money market certificate? Check out more important information about this account option below:

  • Minimum Opening Deposit – $1,000
  • Available Maturity Terms – Three to six months, with optional extensions
  • If their balance is above the $1,000 minimum, account holders may make incremental $500 withdrawals with a penalty of 30 days interest charged on the withdrawn amount

Share Certificates

Low risk, high reward. That’s the SAFE Share Certificate advantage. With seven different certificate options to choose from, members can select an investment strategy that advances them toward their particular financial goals.

Youth Investment Programs

When we invest in future generations, we invest in ourselves—and the well-being of the community at-large. That’s SAFE’s perspective.

And that’s why our youth investment programs—our Money Circus and Y Certificate programs—are so important to us. Get to know more about these unique tools for financial literacy below.

Money Circus Certificate

These certificates offer twelve-month investment terms for kids under twelve years of age, with interest rates equal to that of SAFE’s Investment Certificate option for older members.

With a minimum deposit requirement of $100, the barrier to entry for young, would-be investors is significantly lower than the average, making this the perfect resources for parents to cultivate a spirit of fiscal responsibility in their child.

Y Certificate

With a minimum balance requirement of $500, Y Certificates represent the next stage in the investment process for young members as they develop their financial skills.

These certificates offer twelve-month investment terms and are available for kids from age 13 to 17, with interest rates equal to that of SAFE’s Investment Certificate option for adult members—similar, in this regard, to the Money Circus Certificate.

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