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How to Protect the Security of Your Online Account

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Secure Online Account

Tips to Keep Your Account Secure

In today’s world, smart technology touches almost every aspect of our lives including how you conduct financial transactions. As smart technology makes our lives easier, it often comes at the cost of your personal security. SAFE Federal Credit Union recommends that you consider using the following precautions to help protect the security of your online account:

  • Never disclose your user name and or password to anyone.
  • Consider the use of a secure passphrase with a simple password.
  • Never reuse a password or passphrase on multiple websites.
  • Monitor your financial accounts for suspicious transactions.
  • Conduct online banking and make financial transactions with a trusted computer. A trusted computer should:
    • Use current antivirus and firewall software
    • Use a pop-up blocker to prevent malicious advertisements.
    • Use automatic security updates
  • Be wary of phishing emails and social engineering attacks.
  • Trust your instincts. If you have a feeling something is not right, you are probably correct. Think before you click!

Secure Passphrase Tips

To develop a secure passphrase, use a phrase that is personal and unique to you. Use the first letter for each word in the phrase to create your passphrase. For example, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” would be Toss4mogL4m. Once you determine your secret passphrase (Toss4mogL4m), you should never disclose that to anyone!
Now you can create simple passwords for each individual website. Use the simple password + the secret passphrase to form a lengthy secure password. The simple passwords can be written down as long as you never disclose your secret passphrase.
Website: Facebook
Password: Fb!942 + Passphrase: Toss4mogL4m =
Secure Passphrase: Fb!942Toss4mogL4m