Member Advisory Boards

Help shape the future. Join SAFE's mission to help more members than ever before by volunteering on our Member Advisory Boards.

Become part of SAFE's "Family Helping Family" mission.

At SAFE, we're on a mission to help more members in more ways than ever before. 

Become part of that mission by volunteering for SAFE's Member Advisory Boards.

Not a financial expert? That's perfectly fine. The Member Advisory Boards are intended to reflect our membership as a whole. That means we're looking for all types of individuals to participate on the boards with very diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

Together, we're developing financial solutions to improve lives. So, the most important qualification is a commitment by each volunteer to help us live up to our purpose statement and mission, "Family Helping Family" and "Family Values. Forward Vision."

So, ready to have a voice in SAFE's future and the well-being of your Midland's neighbors? You'll find answers below to the most common questions as well as a quick link to the Member Advisory Board application form.

Application Form

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Member Advisory FAQs

Ready to make a difference, but still have questions? We've got you covered! Take a look at the most frequently asked questions about SAFE's Member Advisory Boards here.

Through the Advisory Boards, you will be able to offer valuable input on new services and innovations long before they're introduced. You'll provide "voice of the member" feedback on how SAFE is viewed in the community. Plus, you'll be a Brand Ambassador to help grow awareness of SAFE's Family Helping Family mission. 

While you can have a big impact on SAFE, the time commitment is relatively small. Regular meetings total about 10-15 hours over the course of the year. Ad hoc meetings may also be called on rare occasions. Training and keeping current with relevant events depend on the person but might total 25 hours annually. 

Each of SAFE's two Member Advisory Boards meet once each quarter. Each meeting is led by a member of SAFE's leadership team. 

Two committees of up to 10 members each make up the Member Advisory Boards. The term for each appointment will be open-ended, but we know life can get busy. You can end your service with the Advisory Boards at any time. 

Diversity in all areas is key for our Member Advisory Boards. This includes age, gender, race, professional experience, and geographic location. The only exclusions are individuals who may have a conflict of interest. Current SAFE employees and their family members, officers, or directors of competing financial institutions and their family members are not eligible for Advisory Board consideration. Past SAFE employees are eligible for consideration after five (5) years of separation from credit union employment. 

Not at all! A major focus of our Advisory Board meetings is to enhance all Board Members' knowledge of SAFE and the financial services arena in general. You can expect presentations by SAFE employees and the Board of Directors. There also will be handouts and other educational resources as well as plenty of open dialogue. In short, you'll have the opportunity to learn about SAFE and we will have the opportunity to learn from you!

Some of the information discussed by the Advisory Boards may be privileged. For that reason, Advisory Board members are expected to treat the meetings, their content, and any supporting material as privileged information not to be shared outside of the group.

Simply fill out the Application Form. Each application is carefully considered and you will be contacted if you're selected to participate.

Need a reason to volunteer on SAFE's Member Advisory Boards? Try five.

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Shape the future.
Help more SAFE members than ever.
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Low time commitment.
Volunteer approximately 10 - 15 hours a year.
Discover SAFE.
Learn about SAFE and be part of it's mission.
Collaborate with others.
Be part of a diverse group with new ideas.
heart with an arrow through it
Make a difference.
Help bring financial success to your Midlands neighbors.