Interested in opening a checking account with SAFE Federal Credit Union? Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the available account options, as well as the requirements and benefits associated with each.

Traditional Checking Account

Our straightforward, no nonsense, traditional checking account. A great option for any SAFE member interested in protecting their hard-earned income.


  • Minimum Opening Deposit – $25
  • Minimum Balance to Earn Dividends – $500


  • No minimum balance required
  • No monthly service charges
  • Federally insured for up to $250,000 by the NCUA
  • Free access to SAFE’s mobile and online banking services
  • An annual percentage yield (APY) of 0.05%
  • Overdraft protection plans available by linking your account to a line of credit, your savings, your SAFE Insured Money Management Account (SIMMA), or another fund

Free Debit Card Access

With your SAFE Visa check card, you’ll be able to withdraw funds from your checking account quickly and easily at an ATM, and make purchases wherever you see the Visa, Plus, CO-OP, Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN), or Interlink logos.

You can use it like a credit card—whether you’re at the grocery store, the movies, or anyplace else. Save yourself the hassle of carrying your checkbook, or having to constantly visit the ATM. Take advantage of SAFE’s Visa debit card access when you open your checking account.

Overdraft Privilege Opt-In

Interested in having complete overdraft coverage for your Visa Debit Card and ATM transactions? Contact us at 803-469-8600.

Funds Availability Policy

Depending on the type of check you deposit into your checking account, your deposited funds may not be available until the second business day after the deposit.

In some cases, we may delay the availability of your funds beyond the standard hold. You should refer to the credit union's full Funds Availability Policy in your Membership Agreement and Disclosure for additional information about the availability of your deposits or call our Member Service Center at ext. 2375.

Y Checking Account

Encourage responsible spending habits early—open a Y Checking Account for your child. It’s the perfect tool for kids as they develop a stronger sense of financial literacy.


  • Age – Child must be 15 - 17 years old
  • Minimum Opening Deposit – $25
  • Under age 15 – must be a qualifying joint account with the child’s parent/guardian


  • All of the benefits associated with a traditional checking account
  • Can earn dividends so long as account holders maintain a $500 average daily balance
  • Free Visa Debit Card available for children 15 and older, with parent/guardian permission

Money Market Checking Account

A checking opportunity with the possibility for high returns, money market checking accounts require greater sums from members interested in opening accounts but offer increased rates over time that make the investment worthwhile.


  • Minimum Opening Deposit – $2,000
  • Minimum Balance to Earn Dividends – $2,000


  • No monthly service charges
  • Dividends compounded and paid monthly
  • Unlimited withdrawals allowed in person or by mail request
  • 0.30% APY for accounts between $2,000 & $10,000
  • 0.35% APY for accounts between $10,000 & $25,000
  • 0.40% APY for accounts over $25,000

Balance Your Checkbook Calculator

Want to get all of your financial ducks in a row? Tabulate your expenditures and deposits using our handy-dandy calculator and put yourself on a path toward a balanced checkbook.

Balance Your Checkbook