What is a Personal Teller Machine?

A Personal Teller Machine (PTM) looks similar to an ATM, but allows you to connect to a live SAFE teller via video connection. You can do almost any transaction you would inside, at the teller counter, without ever leaving your car.

What can I do at a PTM?

SAFE members can conduct most any transaction at our PTMs like: cash a check, transfer funds, make a loan payment, make a deposit or a withdrawal, and account inquiries. If you can do it inside at a teller counter, you can likely do it at a PTM, too!

What services are not available at a PTM?

SAFE PTMs cannot conduct shared branching transactions, cash non-member checks, process credit card cash advances, or issue cashiers checks. They also cannot issue coin (checks are cashed to the nearest dollar with the coin deposited to your account.)

Is an ID required to use the PTM?

Yes, an ID is required for most transactions at a PTM including withdrawals, check cashing, account inquiries, etc.

What if I don't have my ID?

Without proper identification, transactions are limited to deposit only. A deposit receipt can be issued without balance information. Please note, SAFE's personal tellers may refuse service at any time without proper identification.

Where can I find a SAFE PTM?

SAFE's PTMs are currently at our Sandhill Station Branch located at 727 Fashion Drive in Columbia and at our Rebank Branch located at 110 Brevard Parkway in Lexington.

Is there a fee to use the PTM?

No. SAFEs PTMs are available to use free of charge.

Are PTMs replacing employees?

No. PTMs are not replacing any credit union staff.

Is my transaction at a PTM private?

Business conducted at a PTM is just as private as an in-branch transaction at our teller line. Headphone audio jacks are available on our PTMs if you choose to use them for even greater privacy.

What is the difference between a regular ATM and a PTM?

Transactions at traditional ATM machines are limited to primary account withdrawals and balance inquiries only, with deposits available at some machines. PTMs give you access to all your SAFE deposit and loan accounts, offer exact cash denominations including 1 dollar bills, and are available during extended hours! Our friendly personal tellers are available to serve you Monday through Friday from 7 AM until 7 PM and Saturday from 9 AM until 2 PM.

I still have questions. Who can I call?

Our Member Service Center is available by calling 1-800-763-8600, opt. 2 Monday through Friday from 7 AM until 7 PM and Saturday from 9 AM until 1 PM.