Enjoy the Advantages of Advanced Digital Banking

With SAFE’s state-of-the art online and mobile banking services, you can enjoy the latest banking technology right at your fingertips with streamlined security, bill pay, and innovative features that include:

  • Advanced mobile banking you can access by fingerprint, facial recognition, or password.
  • Easy ways to import information from online accounts you may have at other banks or credit unions.
  • Money management tools for all your financial goals.

It’s fast, feature-packed, and built with you in mind. 

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Funds Movement 

SAFE realizes you value your precious free time and hard-earned income, so we offer a password-protected suite of easy-to-use features when you sign up for online banking.

Bill Pay allows you to:

  • Pay on expected bills like your mortgage, utilities and consumer lines of credit.
  • Set up a list of who and what you normally pay and you can even schedule it in advance.
  • Customize payees with nicknames to make it easy for you to recognize them.

External Funds Transfer allows you to:

  • Send funds to and from your external accounts outside of SAFE (you must be the primary account holder).

Popmoney allows you to:

  • Easily pay a person that you owe money to for whatever reason.
  • Send funds to and request funds from a list of contacts that you establish.
  • Add any number of contacts – all you need is their name and contact information (phone number and/or email) or banking information (routing and account numbers).

Get Started In Moments

Enrolling in SAFE’s digital banking service is easy. It only takes few minutes to self-enroll from your computer or mobile device. During the set-up, you will be asked to provide certain critical pieces of information including your SSN, Address, Member Number and Contact (phone and email) information – ensuring that these are correct will make the process flow smoothly for you. Are you ready to start enjoying all the advantages and convenience that come with advanced digital banking?

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