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Beachy Budgeting for an Affordable Coastal Getaway

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Imagine warm sand massaging every step, the rhythmic sound of lapping waves, and not a financial worry in sight. While many dream of an end-of-season South Carolina coastal vacation, the cost can be a significant barrier to diving into those clear blue waters. But it’s possible to enjoy a sun-soaked vacation without sinking into debt.

Use these tips to help navigate the rising waters of vacation spending.

Stick to a daily budget. Instead of naming a total spending limit for the trip, commit to a daily cap. This can help reduce impulse buys and other forms of overspending. Establish daily maximums before you arrive at your travel destination.

Stay in a pedestrian-friendly locale. Choosing a vacation spot with attractions, restaurants, and the sands within walking distance might remove the need for a rental car. Reduce transportation costs further by using airport shuttles instead of ride-sharing services to commute to your hotel or rental unit.

Book the right days. Confirm the area’s last day of peak travel season and schedule your stay during that time. Travel websites offer clues, but speaking to business locals can help you pinpoint the slowest time of the season. Most businesses would prefer to book the room or unit at a lower rate than risk the complete loss of revenue.

Contact the front desk. Skip the 800 number when booking late season travel. Call or message to ask about end-of-season discounts. You might learn about unadvertised specials or uncover freebies that could reduce the total cost of your trip. 

Search for free local activities. From free museums to working farm tours, there are plenty of exciting sites to explore in South Carolina. Reduce costs by identifying which free attractions are closest to your hotel or rental unit. If a must-see experience is not within walking distance, budget for transportation.

Redeem credit card points. If you have a rewards credit card, contact the creditor to redeem accumulated points. Some cards, such as SAFE’s Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card, let you save money before, during, and after your trip: 

•    Before the trip, redeem points for cash; use the money to pay for smaller out-of-pocket expenses, like food and souvenirs. 
•    During the trip, pay for expenses using the card in order to earn points on every purchase. 
•    After the trip, redeem the earned points for statement credit, which can help you pay off the balance sooner.

Load up your beach bag and make a splash with an end-of-season coastal getaway. Put on your financial sunscreen and dive headfirst into your next beachy adventure without spending all your sand dollars.