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SAFE Launches $100 Give Back Initiative

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Thanks to you, our members, who trust us to help you finance your dreams, SAFE reached a milestone last year—$1 billion in outstanding loans!

To mark this extraordinary achievement, your SAFE family thought only an extraordinary "thank-you" would do. Thus, SAFE launched its $100 Give Back Initiative. As part of the program, each of SAFE's nearly 400 employees were given $100 dollars to go out and do something good for their communities. That meant, over a span of 45 days, nearly $40,000 was gifted to help organizations and individuals in the Midlands and beyond—directly from the hearts and hands of your SAFE family. 

The stories that resulted from these gifts and random acts of kindness were profound.  In fact, we thought we'd share just a few of them with you here. Take a look.