Vehicle Buying Services

SAFE helps you simplify the car shopping process with our auto buying service and indirect lending program.

Car Buying Made Simple 

Let’s face it. Even if you’re all set with your car loan, the process of actually buying a car can be a real stressor. And, who needs more stress, right? Take advantage of SAFE’s vehicle buying service to declutter, simplify, and make car buying the celebration it should be.  

TrueCar® Auto Buying Service 

SAFE’s TrueCar® Auto Buying Service dramatically simplifies the process of visiting a dealership. Here’s what you’ll be able to accomplish through TrueCar: 

  • Request a new car based on your personal preferences
  • Identify a used car that suits your needs by searching TrueCar’s huge inventory
  • Find a local dealership and schedule a test drive
  • Obtain a Price Protection Certificate through TrueCar, and bring it to the dealership for a hassle-free car buying experience 

Need a new set of wheels? Visit our TrueCar Auto Buying Service portal and we’ll get you rolling in no time at all.

TrueCar® Auto Buying Service

Indirect Lending Program

Through our Indirect Lending Program, members can secure SAFE financing for their new or used vehicle purchase immediately—without ever leaving the dealership. 

Mention SAFE’s Indirect Lending Program to a salesperson or finance manager at any one of our participating dealerships. You could have the keys to your new ride in no time.

SAFE Car Loans

If your preferred dealership isn’t on our Indirect Lending list, you can still apply directly with SAFE for a car loan. We offer low rates and great financing options on both new and used vehicles, with terms up to 7 years.

SAFE Cents

Should you buy or lease your car?

Get ready to rumble as we pit buying against leasing. There’s a lot to consider and we lay it all out for you in our SAFE Cents video. Learn how your income, credit score, and the way you use your car can help you determine which option is right for you.

Car Loan Calculator

Calculate Your Car Payment

Run the numbers and understand all the variables before you commit to a new or used car contract.

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