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  • How Hackable Are You?
    If you’ve never been the victim of identity theft , consider yourself lucky. You just can't rely on luck to save you, though. Improve your odds by changing some bad Internet decisions that you and 300...
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  • red and white sign that reads "How much house can I afford?"
    Thinking about buying a house? Then stop texting your real estate agent and start watching this video. Like, right now. Let SAFE Cents walk you through all the real costs of home ownership . It may...
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  • pink piggy bank with a shadow hand over it
    It sounds disgusting – because it is. But the pig butchering scam is not what you think. It has nothing to do with real animals. However, the trail of destruction left behind is horrific. Victims are...
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  • woman wearing pink blazer grabbing a computer monitor
    Nearly everyone wants to get paid for their work – even scammers. But these crooks aren’t looking for a legitimate payday. They’re on the prowl for easy ways to swindle money from jobseekers searching...
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  • hand holding a smart phone in the shadow
    Many people prefer text messages to phone calls. The ability to send brief messages via a mobile device provides users with a less demanding, more convenient way to communicate with friends and family...
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