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  • Pink piggy banking frozen in a block of ice.
    A healthy credit history can unlock more than a great rate on a new loan. Your credit profile can influence where you live, the car you drive, whether you land your dream job, and how much you pay for...
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  • Cooler temperatures, harvest festivals, and bonfires signal one thing – it’s fall y’all! It’s time to replace the lightweight tank tops of summer for cozy long-sleeves and take in the season’s brisk...
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  • man wearing a suit and glasses with a rock on his back that says DEBT.
    If you’re gearing up to buy your first home and have your first child, all while finding yourself with a sizable chunk of student loan and credit card debt, you might be a millennial. The millennial...
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  • Man with white beard wearing sunglasses throwing money. How much do you need to retire?
    Have you started planning for your retirement ? An even bigger question is, “Do you know how much money you’ll need for retirement?” Most people don’t have real grasp on the answer. So, how can you...
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  • SAFE employees standing and smiling with police officers and fire fighters.
    Thanks and gratitude filled the air at a recent appreciation event for first responders in Sumter. Hundreds of police officers, fire fighters, and other emergency workers were treated to an evening of...
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