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  • young girl smiling at the check out
    With National Credit Union Youth Month approaching in April, now is an ideal time to teach little ones about saving money. Learning smart money management skills at a young age builds their confidence...
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  • Pink piggy bank wearing a shower cap in a bubble bath
    It’s spring and time to deep clean more than your home. Get ready to wash off winter grime left behind from seasonal spending, declutter unnecessary expenses from your budget, and swing open the doors...
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  • shadow of two hands exchanging money
    It happens almost every day—whether you’re watching the evening news, scrolling through social media, or listening to the radio—there’s often stories of people or organizations in need. Modern...
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  • Phone with "What's my account balance?" on the screen
    The average American spends 10 to 20 minutes a week on hold. Can you believe that? A whole 43 days of your life is wasted on waiting. SAFE wants to give you back some of that time with our new AI...
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  • woman on a laptop checking her FICO Score
    Don’t wait until it’s time to finance a new home or car to check your credit score. Checking in regularly will help ensure you’re ready for whatever life brings. If you’re a SAFE member with Online...
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  • man on a bike at a stop sign
    Market volatility and high inflation can bring retirement dreams to a screeching halt. Approaching Life 2.0 with a dwindling portfolio balance places you at a financial intersection — either postpone...
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